Is Your Older Home Fire Safe?

Fri 28 October 2016

A Guide from an Electrician – Billerica Electricians If you are buying an older house, chances are you will have to have it inspected. When the electrician does his inspection, he will most certainly ask you how old the home is. That alone will tell him things to be on the lookout for to ensure that your home’s electrical system is up to date and safe for you and your family. Fuse Box? A fuse box or breaker box contains fuses or circuit breakers that prevent electrical wires from overheating. The box is usually mounted on a wall inside a residence. Follow these steps to find the fuse box or breaker box.

Go to an indoor area of your residence away from the main traffic flow. Your box should be located in an easily accessible area, usually a utility area. The fuse box or breaker box usually looks like a gray metal box or door, unless it has been painted. Check the garage or basement of your home. Look inside closets or the laundry area. If you live in an apartment (flat) or condo, the fuse or breaker box may be recessed into a wall there. See what is inside the painted or gray metal box to help you identify whether it is a fuse box or breaker box. A breaker box is identified by rows of switches (circuit breakers) that can “trip,” creating loss of power. These switches are flipped to reset power. A list inside the breaker box should indicate which switch controls power to which part of the house. A fuse box can have a “blown” fuse that will need to be replaced to restore power. The fuse box controls electricity in every home. It’s what brings power throughout your home from the grid. The fuse box is what breaks up the needed electricity to the various parts of your home. It’s very easy to turn this breaker box on or off and it will come in handy during lightening storms, etc. You should also know how to restore the fuse box in the event that it flips itself off.

You should also be familiar with these three things: regulations for electricity, the age of the wiring and other electrical systems in the home, and how old your fuse box is. If things are too old, a fire threat becomes bigger. Truth from an electrician…. The majority of house fires are caused by a faulty electrical system problem. If your home is more than 15 years old, the risk is far greater for electrical fires because the fuse box and wiring are old. If things like this within the house are too old, you will have a tough time getting homeowner’s insurance. A home inspector cannot look inside the walls of your home, no matter how old the home is. This makes it harder for insurance companies to prove how old the electrical wiring really is. However, if the electrician sees a two-pronged outlet that would be a big red flag that the electrical system in the house is far too old. Another give away for the home’s age is whether or not the fuse box has been placed inside or outside the house. The new law requiring the boxes to be on the outside of the house will tell you that the house in less than 15 years old. This regulation was passed to allow firefighters to be able to easily shut the power off to the home so they can get in to fight the fire. What you should do… In today’s society, we are gadget and digital device addicted, and this means that to support all the gadgets, computers, etc., you cannot rely on an old electrical system if you’ve bought an old house. It’s a huge fire risk! Be sure to upgrade all the outlets, as well as the fuse box, in order to correctly spread the needed electricity to your home for the entire digital load you will have with the use of technology.

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