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Fri 28 October 2016

Maintaining or repairing your home’s electrical systems is one of the most common things a homeowner needs to be prepared for. Since problems in this area could actually pose a danger to your family, you can’t afford to ignore them. Repairs of this type should also never be done as a DIY project because a single mistake could have disastrous results. Problems within an electrical system could result in fire hazards, a power surge, or even your fuse box blowing up or catching on fire, so it’s best to leave anything of this nature to the professionals who are trained to deal with it.

The problem for many is the cost involved in hiring a certified and insured expert in the field of electricians. It isn’t always cheap, but it is, indeed, very necessary. It’s best to always set aside some money in your budget to deal with electrical system repairs, should the need arise.So, What Can You Do to Save Money on Electrical Repairs? Focus on the Quality of the Electrician’s Work, Rather Than His Hourly Fee The truth is that if you hire by price alone, you might be getting a cheaper rate, but you might also be getting a very inexperienced person doing the job. If he comes and doesn’t have sufficient tools for the job or even sufficient knowledge, then it will take him twice as long to figure things out, gather the right equipment, etc. If this is an hourly rate, you could end up paying much more, even though the rate was cheaper. A better qualified electrician’s rate might be higher, but you’ll get more bang for your buck! Travel Fees Many electricians will have a separate fee for travel charges and you should know what they are. Ask what that rate is and how it is applied. This will help you determine if the rate is worth it to you. Assess ALL Electrical System Repairs that Need to be Done Around Your House or Business It’s certainly a better deal to have several things done all at once, rather than paying for repeated visits. It would be a wise idea to have a proper home inspection done so that you will know the issues that should be addressed before you call the electrician. Prepare for His Arrival

Because you will most likely be paying by the hour, be sure to have the space clean and ready when the electrician gets there. Any preparation they have to do will just delay the repair and you’ll pay more with that clock ticking. Move furniture out the way if need be, clean up the space, and move fragile items. The quicker he can get to work, the less you pay. Switch to Energy Efficient Appliances and Fixtures This goes without saying—if you can use your electricity in ways that are more cost efficient and energy efficient, you will certainly save money. Things like timers for your outside lights with motion detectors, using the energy efficient light bulbs, and using lower wattage lamps rather than overhead lights can all add up to big savings.

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